DIY Cold Brew

It’s Wednesday. And whether that is a good thing or the dreaded mid-week  I have an amazing iced coffee recipe that I know will make Wednesday skip right into Friday and the much awaited weekend, unless you are a wedding photographer and well we know how that goes…but I hope that it  brightens up your “case of the Wednesdays!” I am a coffee addict/snob/habitual drinker/etc and during the hot months I crave nothing more than an iced coffee, but lets face it they get expensive fast! My local shop sells them for 3-4 bucks a pop. Why can’t we all just be millionaires? I have been messing around with different combinations for the perfect cold brew and I think this one is kind of close! You can thank me later.

For this brew I used a large mason jar + 2 cups of coarse and freshly ground coffee, I prefer a Central American or African bean but feel free to use whatever you prefer. Place the coffee in the mason jar and fill with filtered water. Place the lid, shake, and let it steep over night – 24 hrs. Pour over ice and dress it up as you wish. If its too strong for you use less coffee. I used my chemex to filter my coffee, if you dont have a chemex you can use cheese cloth. I drink mine black or with almond milk.