Coffee Talk – Lift Coffee Roasters

Lift_coffee_roasters-1 copy

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I have an obsessions with coffee shops and great coffee. I have been cultivating this obsession for quite some time, I grew up in a home where coffee was a vital part of our existence. The kettle whistled every morning from the kitchen as my mother made “cafe con leche” to accompany breakfast. Now that I think about it that’s probably the reason why I couldn’t stop talking in class.

All celebrations in our home started or ended with a cup of coffee. Coffee is a drink of tradition in Latin America. It has both a humble and royal place in history. Today, there is a thriving coffee culture, sourcing, roasting, and brewing coffee in ways most of us would have never imagined. Lift Coffee Roasters open its doors a few weeks ago and the husband and I have already spent quite some time drinking, enjoying, and talking about their coffee like we know what we are doing.

It seems that Lift will be the place where the cool kids in Riverside will go when they are feeling tired and un-caffenaited. With its cool vintage industrial vibe and cool brewing methods, I know what you are thinking “intimidating!” but actually it was far from. Everyone seemed pretty chill and completely focuses in getting whatever it was that they where doing down to perfection. We waited in line and watched as people collected their foamy and perfectly designed lattes. But what I was interested in was the Black Coffee the Good Old Joe. First time around they were still brewing the “cold brew” so I was not able to get any disappointing I know! Then I decided to order the “iced pour over” and I was pleasantly surprised with my perfect cup of flavor, clarity, and balance. I said it on Instagram and I will say it again “best iced coffee I’ve had in a while.” Overall our experience was a positive one, the only complaint was the time we had to wait for our drinks. The hubs ordered a Mocha and I ordered Iced Coffee and a peanut butter cookie. We got the cookie when we paid, then about 10 minutes later I got my iced coffee (not bad) but my husband did not get his Mocha until way way later. I actually went to the bar twice to ask for it. There seemed to be a bit of confusion going on (I attribute this to them being new and getting use to it all) we ended up getting the Mocha 30 or so minutes after, the barista was kind enough to bring it to our table. Both drinks were delicious, no complaints there. This place is pretty great and I truly believe that the delay in drinks was due to them being new, no biggie.

Plus the store is absolutely gorgeous and the baked goods look great and I know for a fact that their peanut butter cookie is quite amazing!

Lift_coffee_roasters-2 copy

Lift_coffee_roasters-3 copy

Lift_coffee_roasters-4 copy

Lift_coffee_roasters-5 copy

Lets all hope and pray that Lift does not become one of those place where you feel scared to order a cup of coffee…we have all been there and we all know what I am talking about. Dear Coffee Shops of the world you are never to cool or too good to acknowledge your patrons. After all their hard earned dollars add up…


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