Making Changes

20130717-121303.jpgBack in June I made the decision that it was time to get real and start working out, but really working out not just hanging out at the gym and visiting the stair-master. I decided that I needed to make real changes and take control of my health because if I am being real I am the heaviest I have ever been.. and that is not the person I want to be. Yes I love food and I love to create it and share it but ultimately what I love about food is its power to be a healer, to give us health, youth, energy, and to bring us all to the table.

I don’t remember how I came across Bobbi of nHerShoes fitness but I am so glad that I did. She teaches the Ultimate kick-boxing classes that I have been attending, yes that 5:30 wake-up call is to make it to her class. Seriously there are no words to express how grateful I am for her and her enthusiasm and passion for fitness and helping people like me find their way again. I have always been passionate about health and real food but fitness is a whole different thing, really I think I had not found what worked for me, but I think that has changed. Working out the way I have been working out has brought some balance to my life – I have been juggling too many things. Things which include a business, starting another business, taking on a job, taking care of 1 dog, 2 chickens,a garden, marriage, ministry, and I’m sure I’ve missed a few. Why hadn’t anyone told me that all of this juggling would make keeping my insanity virtually impossible. But believe it or not working-out at 6 am has brought balance and a hunger for health an fitness that had simply gotten loss in the midst of all that juggling. Yes it’s been hard and there are days when I wonder why I do it but I have a goal and dreams that alone is enough to keep me going. Not to mention that Bobbi is absolutely amazing and I feel so blessed to have met her and to now call her a friend.








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