San Manuel Bingo & Casino – The Pines

When I think of restaurants at the San Manuel Casino I think of two things – buffet and frozen chic (pre-made frozen, canned food, warmed up food.) The last thing I think about when I think of food at the San Manuel Casino is craft cocktails, seasonal dishes, and some mind-blowingly crazy palate popping dishes. While at the menu tasting we had the opportunity to experience many of the signature items on their menu – I can honestly say that they were all amazing! Amazing enough that we decided to have dinner there after we finished our tasting. Once again dinner was absolutely delicious, I was sold when a basket of perfectly warm and crusty bread made an appearance before us. Needless to say we devoured it.

We each had a signature cocktail something that they pride themselves in. I had the THE PINES SIGNATURE MARTINI – it was absolutely delicious. The alcohol stood out without being overpowering, the vodka actually highlighted the mulled blackberries. The husband had the MINT VODKA GIMLET -he loved it! I on the other hand thought that it tasted like soap. I loved that they use premium alcohol, house made syrups, and fresh ingredients. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Our dinner was absolutely delicious. We had the Calamari as a starter and once again it was perfect – perfectly crispy without being oily. I kept finding these fun little fried pieces of lemon that would clear my palate every single time. Since we had sampled appetizer portions of some of the popular menu items we decided to order the SEASONAL SALAD of  Roasted Asparagus, Prosciutto, Burrata Mozzarella, Balsamic , and Hazelnuts as our main dish. Seriously I need burrata in my life all the time! I could eat it by the spoonfuls. We did not take photos of our dinner because it was a bit dark in the restaurant. The restaurant vibe is definitely Vegas Lounge.

The food was absolutely amazing the only downfall was the service.  Apparently there was some sort of confusion and we did not get our cocktails until the end of our meal. Somehow management was notified and they gave us a discount on our bill – thank you! All in all our experience was great and we would absolutely go again!

P.S. The steak is freaking AMAZING! People I’ve had steak at some of the best restaurants in this country including one very popular ritzy place in NYC and the steak I got to sample that night was one of the best. Second time around I am having steak!

Pines_Steakhouse_blog Pines_Steakhouse_blog2 Pines_Steakhouse_blog3 Pines_Steakhouse_blog4 Pines_Steakhouse_blog5

Disclaimer – All words written are my own. I was not paid to write this.


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