Breakfast Tostadas – Cinco de Mayo

Please forgive me its been a while since I’ve been in this little corner of the world. My little brother just got married its been a joyful time in our lives! We laughed, cried, and partied it up! Hope you all are having a great Cinco de Mayo! May already can you believe it? I never need a real reason to have a party, but Cinco de Mayo definitely fits the bill, its a Holiday after all. Usually Cinco de Mayo means a lot of leftovers! These breakfast tostada are a great way to revamp those leftovers and have yourself a delicious breakfast Monday morning!

Photo May 03, 10 39 03 AM  Photo May 03, 10 39 06 AM

Breakfast Tostada

2 – Pan fried Tortillas or baked 1- Free range egg – sunny side up3 tbsp – Mashed Beans of your choice 1/2 tbsp Crema1 tbsp Salsa Verde 1/4 of an Avocado sliced Tomatoes for topping (your taste) Cilantro for topping (your taste) Queso fresco for topping (your taste)

In our home breakfast tostadas are usually made with cleverly adapted leftovers from lunch or dinner. Whatever you have don’t be afraid to experiment. Top the fried tortilla however you want!



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