Larabar – Review

Larabars_web-2These bars have been my companions and have helped get over my cooking rut. They have been an inspiration and have reminded me that great things can be made with simple, clean ingredients. When Larabar send me some bars to review I was super excited because I have been a fan for a long time. These bars fuel and nourish my body when I am on the go or stuck in a food rut. The Uber-Banana Foster is my favorite and I love eating it with my morning coffee. What appealed to me right from the start were the minimal, healthy ingredients. All the bars are made with ingredients that I can pronounce, grow, and can easily find in a grocery store. I know many of us have become skeptical about “health bars” because more than often they are candy bars disguised as healthy. But these bars are unsweetened! They also contain no coloring or preservatives. The idea behind them is quite simple, a great product requires great ingredients- natural and whole.


I talked with a lot of my Paleo friends and Larabar is popular with them. They are also perfect for snacking on road-trips, I think my husband has a subconscience fear of starving to death – the cappucino bar eases that fear for him. I truly believe that he feels like he is being caffeinated and nourished at the same time. When we shoot weddings which lately it has been almost every weekend I like to throw together quick snacks that can give us substance for our 10-14 hour wedding days. I throw an assortment of bars in my wedding day loot. These bars are dense and cure my sweet-tooth! Win-win.


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