Morning Rituals- Ode to the French Press

Photo Feb 26, 10 25 18 AM

Quiet mornings are my favorite! Never thought I would say that, there are times when I like to wake up extra early brew the perfect cup of coffee; read or watch an episode of one of the many shows I like to watch on Hulu. If you’re not a coffee drinker, I’m not quite sure how to describe my morning coffee ritual to you, not sure you’ll understand, a perfect cup of coffee slows everything down for me. I know, but it’s coffee? Something about that wonderful smell makes me think of all the artisans, farmers, and hard working hands that made my morning cup. Sometimes it simply keeps me sane. This ritual has become one of my favorite parts of the day. In our home we are really big on really good coffee, I must admit sometimes a bit snobbish…we all have our things right? The morning does not feel like morning until the first cup has been sipped. We have been taking coffee classes at one of our local coffee shop and we have learned so much, one of my favorite classes has been the Brewing Method class, we  go back and forth between the French press, vintage percolator or chemex.  The auto-drip coffee maker was banned many moons ago and I doubt that it will make a come-back…all the precious beans I wasted on my auto-drip. This morning I am drinking a Guatemalan Blend from Augie’s Coffee Roasters and the French Press the brewing choice.

Photo Feb 26, 10 24 07 AM

Photo Feb 26, 10 23 51 AM



5 thoughts on “Morning Rituals- Ode to the French Press

  1. I, too, have a morning french press routine, which involves putting cinnamon in with my grounds. What did you learn about french press-ing in your class? Any helpful tips to share?

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