Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks – Review



This post was from a recent visit to Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks. I was sent by Jenny of Murphy O’ Brien PR to sample some of the new items of their menu, by the way check out how amazing the menus are – craft paper and art from a local artist. My job is very serious sampling as much as I could from their awesome menu. I had been to Islands plenty of times before but I usually order a Greek salad and onion rings! This time around I had their Nalu Nalu burger. I wont lie when I read the description of the burger I freaked out a little. I was not so sure about the flavors, but the garlic aoli that they use on that burger is liquid crack. Truly. The patty is seasoned with good ol’ spice rub giving it tons of flavor a good kick. Let me tell you if you are into burgers and have never been to Islands I order you to go! Islands is gourmet burger meets the chill vibe of Trader Joes – seriously! For all paleo and whole30 eaters I am sure that the staff at Islands would be more than glad to tweak some stuff to accommodate your eating preferences. I did spot some paleo options on their menu as well!



Islands_review-32The staff at Islands was amazing even when the GM wasn’t sure of why I was there…for all he knew I was trying to scam them of a free meal, even then he treated us amazingly! I was there to eat and they made sure I did… the drinks below are a must, my two favorite the Big Island – Long Island Iced Tea and the Margarita Lite. But if you are having a long day and are on a drink budget try the Sunset Margarita, you will definitely get you moneys worth and then some. As I told Doug the district manager, the Sunset Margarita is death 😉 P.S. Dont mind my manicureless nails :-/Islands_review-48



The district manager and the GM both told me that the Sunset Margarita and the Big Island where both created by bar-tenders at Islands. I found this to be very cool, they encourage the input of staff and even have a system in which they can share ideas for both FOH and BOH. Pretty awesome!

Islands_review-55Yes they carry a wide selection of craft beer from Karl Strauss. Bet you did not know that. I didn’t…Islands is currently making efforts to introduce other local brewers into their selection. Gotta love a restaurant that knows the value of using local vendors.



Islands_review-45This is one of their new appetizer the ahi Poke, I loved it so much that I had it yesterday! Perfectly chilled albacore tuna, marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, such a nice surprise.



Islands_review-53No meal is complete without dessert! The kona pie is to die for! Mocha almond fudge ice cream, a cookie crust topped with chocolate fudge, roasted almonds, whipped cream & a cherry. I was told that there is a secret menu! You can have this Kona Pie in a shake! WT… why didn’t I know this? Next time I am having this Kona Pie in shake form with a shot of Kahlua! Yup an adult shake.


District Manager Doug and his staff work closely to ensure food quality and client experience. With the success of the restaurant chain, it’s a wonderful economic boost for any of the cities that they are located in. Staff is happy, clients are happy! Happily proclaimed DM -Doug.

I walked away happy as well and encouraged to see such a wonderfully privately owned restaurant chain do well in these times when we have seen many fail.



*Last thing, I promise. I was graciously sent to Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks by Murphy O’ Brien . All photos are by Johnny Jaquez Photography and all words are my own.


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