Mixed Green Salad + Apple Vinaigrette


Today I completed day seven of the Whole30 challenge. I has not been easy, working 18 hour weddings makes it difficult. But I am not giving up, this challenge is helping me become better at living a 100% paleo lifestyle. Is is also challenging me as a cook, I have been experimenting with different flours, meats, and overall creativity. This salad is a great example, It’s a simple salad, as I like to have, the freshly squeezed apple juice vinaigrette gives the salad a lightly sweet taste, along with the salty bacon it really makes something special.

A look a my Whole30 week via Instagram


I have gotten a few questions asking about side-effects…so far the only side effect that I got was low energy, almost depressed like,  this happened during day 3 and 4. But by Saturday I felt just like myself again.

Apple_bacon_salad_web-7 Apple_bacon_salad_web-5 Apple_bacon_salad_web-6

Mixed Green Salad + Apple + Bacon + Cucumber – Serves 3

8 Cups Mixed greens 1/2 apple thinly sliced4 Crispy bacon strips chopped
2 Persian cucumbers


1 tsp Olive Oil 1/2 Orange freshly squeezedSalt & Pepper

// dressing //

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1/4 freshly juiced apple juice
1-2 tsp. dijon mustard
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
pinch of salt and pepper


4 thoughts on “Mixed Green Salad + Apple Vinaigrette

  1. Keep in mind I’m hardly an expert on Whole 30 or Paleo, as I’m only on Day 6 of my first ever challenge, but I couldn’t help but notice that this recipe has Dijon mustard in it. I did some research and found that there are some brands of Dijon with natural ingredients but most contain white wine. It would be good to specify for readers so they don’t accidentally cheat by using this recipe. The salad looks delicious- thanks for sharing!

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