The Garden that Keeps on Giving & New Year Resolutions


I think I am slowly starting to find my green-thumb my garden has kept on giving and giving. I love being able to walk out to my front yard and pick all sorts of beautiful greens – kale, rainbow chard, ruby chard, salad blends, spinach, etc. Everyday I have an excuse to go out and explore. The garden gives me the opportunity to see life happen to pick the perfect radishes, eat tender pea shoots, saute fresh bok-choy. The giving doesn’t stop and for that I am grateful. This morning I decided to tug at the carrot tops and to my surprise I found that I had these beautiful carrots. They taste delicious raw but toss in olive oil and roast at 350 degrees and they become sweet and slightly spiced. Roast and top with fresh herbs and you’ve got a wonderful meal. Perfect for vegans, vegetarians, paleo, or anyone looking to eat something healthy yet tasty!

Carrots-1 Carrots-10 Carrots-11 Carrots-15

The last few weeks where hectic to say the least…we spent lots of time with family and loved on each other as much as we could, we are blessed and we enjoyed every-minute of it but it’s nice to return to a slower pace of life – to have time to think; yes really think! I needed this time of silence to re-charge and re-focus my vision for both 2013 life/business. You can read more about our business goals, achievement, failures, and expectations here. Needless to say, 2012 was amazing in every way, we had a lot of changes and blessings; realizing how good God is makes me feel unworthy. This past year was busy. Our business is taking off and we’ve been blessed to meet with and call friends some of the coolest people around. But it has also been A LOT of work. Whoever said that Self Employment was easy LIED… So for 2013 my goals are simple

  •  In HIS name
  •  With HIS power
  •  For HIS glory

Sounds simple but I know it wont be as we’ve discussed on here before, I have a hard time letting…I’m somewhat of a control freak. Declaring that I will trust, depend, on the Lord to guide and carry us into a fruitful future is one of the bravest things I’ve ever done… To say that I will do things in his glory is even harder…see sometimes I don’t want to behave like a believer. None the less I am so excited and ready for this journey and the challenge! I hope that this will be a year like none other…no year is ever the same but I pray that this be the year in which I grow wiser and mature in the Lord.


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