A little DIY on a Food Blog – Antropologie Inspired Snow Globes


I love Antropologie anyone who knows me knows this…Every time I walk in there I am inspired by all the beauty around me. So much talent in one place. I was at Anthropologie picking out some things for a recent photo-shoot when I came across these mason jar snow globes. They immediately caught my attention, for many reasons…one they are super cute and two I was sure I had seen versions of these on pinterest way before Antro started selling them…which led me to conclude that they are super easy to make! They range from $18-40 at Antropologie not cheap by any means.  If you are not up for making these you can pick them up at your local Antropologie or Craft fair. But if you have your crafty pants on these are easy to make and since I had everything at home already except the trees which I got at Joann’s for like 6 bucks (used a 40% coupon…score).

Things you will need:

Small trees (I bought a whole bag of them for $6 Joann’s)

A Large Mason Jar, Small Mason Jar, or any other jars.

Mini Pine Cones, Pine Piece, Acorns, etc. you may want to add

Fake Snow, Bakers Twine, Glitter, & Clear Gorilla Glue

Christmas_DIY_2012_web-1 Christmas_DIY_2012_web-2

You can switch things up if you wish to…

This is how I have them displayed at home. The lights make these globes look like a little city. I made others as well and added gold sprayed deer, owls, and bunnies!

Christmas_DIY_2012_web-5 Christmas_DIY_2012_web-4


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