Portland Farmers Market


On our recent trip to Portland we managed to experience the what the city had to offer in many ways, I of course had to visit the Portland Farmers Market. I love Farmers Markets you all know that, I delight in the sights, sounds, textures and aromas of a morning farmers market day; something special happens in me the minute I see tables covered with kale, rainbow-chard, carrots, and and colorful squash. Often, the vendors’ trucks are still rumbling into their market spaces and others are still busy piling tables with mountains of fresh produce. Portland_trip_web-33 Portland_trip_web-35 Portland_trip_web-32

Farmers markets are vital to local economies, small family farms, and small artisans, many of whom rely on the direct sales that take place at the Farmers Market as their main source of income.  Farmers Markets are growing in popularity, consumers are beginning to demand locally sourced and produced food in other outlets, too. Restauranteurs, chefs,  and avid foodies large and small have begun to seek out local, seasonal produce. Many restaurants and grocery stores (Whole Foods for example) proudly feature farms’ names on their menus and in their aisles. These small connections are creating an economy, vital for the farmers and artisans, these economies are fueling the businesses. Remember that when you shop at a Farmers Market your purchase is directly impacting the livelihood of the vendors! Portland_trip_web-34 Portland_trip_web-36 Portland_trip_web-38 Portland_trip_web-40 Portland_trip_web-41 Portland_trip_web-43 Portland_trip_web-42


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