Marriage – 2 Years After…

Johnny, today we celebrate 2 years of marital bliss…

When days turn into nights and weeks turn into months and months into years, mile-stones are made. Today we celebrate 2 years of marriage – some things remain the same. My tempered frustration and my fierce love co-exist. There are moments when I feel like I’m going insane because I said I do to a man much different from myself – but it’s in those moments that I am reminded of the vows I made to you. I already knew how different you are from me, I declared it to the 220 guest at our ceremony, you have video to prove it. Yet I feel like the  structure was too tight, the commitment to love you until death do us part too impossible.

But then—in those hard moments of pain—you challenge me to trust (you & I both know how I feel about trust) in the Lord…to trust in his promises because we serve a God who cares about all the things big or small that our hearts desire. So when life gets complicated, decision too obscure,  work too hard, when money is too thin, when life is not as predictable as I would like it to be. You know that all I want to do is scream and retreat to a “happy” time in life…I completely disconnect because I am too afraid of the monsters outside and don’t realize that the monster I become – tantrum throwing, closet hiding monster isn’t any better, in fact sometimes it’s worst. But you push me to connect and simply see the good in all…


So today, two years, 730 days after I vowed to be your wife, I know this to be true…

When life seems too hard, too overwhelming, there is a God
When I’m confused about life decisions you encourage me
When I feel like a shadow you remind me of the strong force that I am
When I am scared and feel like running back to the safety of my parents home you promise we’re going to be great
When you drive me crazy, make me angry, resent your every being, you manage to make me love you again
When you fail me, hurt me, and pain me, I know you’re human and the grace that you constantly extend to me suddenly becomes a challenge that I must meet

Can you believe that two years ago today, I promised to love you, to do life with you, to stand under the same umbrella on rainy days, to savor your sweetness and tame my spiciness,  to keep you, to honor you until death do us part. Two years later we have faced many challenges, shared many adventures, laughed until our bellies hurt, and experienced life together. We moved into our first home and started a new business… life has been good! God has poured blessings and grace upon us. Two years later I am still honored to be your wife and keep that vow to love you!


Happy anniversary, Johnny.

I love you!!!

Let’s continue to remain faithful and in LOVE for many years to come!!! 730 days have flown by…


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