Road Trip to Portland – One Coffee Shop at a Time

Two week ago the hubs and I decided that it was the perfect time to have a road-trip. We had just finished our last wedding of the season and we did not have any shoots scheduled for a week, so we decided to head to Portland! “Where the dream of the 90’s lives” ;-). We headed to Portland without an itinerary and only one mission in mind, to visit the best coffee shops along the way…and that we did! After-all we love coffee at times it seems like coffee is the reason why I get out of bed at some very odd hours. Coffee and Portland just  made sense.

If you’ve never been to Portland, you must add it to your bucket-list! it was my first time there, my husband and I had been dreaming of what it would be like for a while. It was even prettier than what I had imagine, episodes of Portlandia don’t do it justice. There’s something so cozy +whimsical+ beautiful about Portland…maybe it’s because I live in the land of eternal summer and find any place that has all seasons whimsical. If I could be described as a state I think I would be Portland… the amazing coffee culture, architecture,  the pretty landscape, and the raddest bookstore ever – powell’s book store 

On our way out there we spent some time in Sacramento and found it just as charming. We were lucky enough to stumble on a magazine of the best coffee shops in Sacramento, we kicked-off our trip with Insight Coffee Roasters– this place makes you want to stay awhile, things seem to move slower in there. Grab a house-made dark mocha and sit by the window enjoy the view and people watch.


Portland_trip_web-2Portland_trip_web-3Portland_trip_web-4Portland_trip_web-7Portland_trip_web-6Portland_trip_web-5Portland_trip_web-10Portland_trip_web-8State Capitol Portland_trip_web-9Mt. Shasta Portland_trip_web-12Breakfast at Clyde CommonPortland_trip_web-13Stumptown Coffee Roasters – They are the prom king of coffee in Portland. So as one my expect my expectations where pretty high – I was not disappointed. It’s location right next to the Ace (yes the Ace in Portland) made this place so much better. Stumptown is passionate about coffee to the way it is farmed + picked + washed + roasted…their espresso is this caramel-like color. The quality and craftsmanship in their coffee is definitely something you can taste!Portland_trip_web-14Portland_trip_web-11Portland_trip_web-33Portland_trip_web-32Portland_trip_web-34Coava Coffee – They make great Americanos and their espresso is pretty amazing with a hint of sweetness to it! They share their space with some amazing bamboo craftsmen.

Part 2 coming soon…


10 thoughts on “Road Trip to Portland – One Coffee Shop at a Time

  1. Next time you’re going to Oregon try stopping at Noble Coffee in Ashland. They’re artists at roasting coffee beans and serving the perfect cup of coffee.

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