Why Supporting Local Farms Matters: To Me

I am an absolute farmers market junkie, farm wanderer, want to live in a farm dreamer.

I was not always like this, as I child I had the opportunity to live in Honduras and witness first hand the lives of harvesters, livestock and dairy farmers.  Although I enjoyed it and enjoyed their harvest I stayed away mainly because farms attract flies! Gigantic flies! yes! I dislike flies a LOT.  Fast forward 20 years and here I am, a huge proponent of buying locally raised food and supporting urban farmers. My husband and I are well on our way to turning all of our landscape into edible landscape. I think that will make me a “mini-urban-farmer”. I am happy to report that thus far I have not encountered gigantic flies…maybe this is a Central America thing.

But if you ever get the opportunity to visit a farm or to hang out with an urban farmer jump at the opportunity. It will change your life. It changed mine literally it put me back in touch, with my food and where it comes from.  So much work, dedication, and patience goes into an organic farm that uses holistic approaches. Many of us can’t imagine it because we have lost touch with our food source.  It’s important to support people who are doing this work for us, since many of us aren’t doing it ourselves. We need to buy from those who are taking this amazing burden of feeding ourselves into their hands, with pride, and showing us how they care for our health and that of the land by raising food properly.

Visit farmers markets and  meet your local farmers, ask about their work, how they care for and raise your/their food. I find that the more I ask the more I want to learn and put into practice the entire process. Their enthusiasm and passion for what they do is contagious. Long gone are the days when we had to work to get food on our plate, and by work I mean grow raise our own food.  We no longer have to wait for the seasons to enjoy certain fruits and veggies, grocery stores offer summer produce in the dead of winter. Yet more than ever in our history people cook less and less at home. See a problem? I encourage you to source local, in season produce and cook! I guarantee  you will see food differently.

People like the owners of Rolling Hills Herbs & Annuals are undervalued. Most of us don’t understand the amount of work and commitment that it takes to grow food! Thank you Carrie-Anne.


5 thoughts on “Why Supporting Local Farms Matters: To Me

  1. It is because of people like you that we do what we do. The pride that comes from seeing someone reach for a seasonal fruit or vegetable, something alive, vital, pure and whole is beyond words. Seeing a young child wonder the farmers market covered in the red and blue stains of berries is beyond moving.
    And when we can help people start to grow more of their own food, in their own homes or their community garden plots, we give thanks for the changes that take place in their lives – the sense of accomplishment, self-sufficiency, feelings of influence over ones own physical and emotional well-being and that of caring and nurturing self & loved ones. Yes, it is about more than food – it about honoring ourselves, the life we have been given, our loved ones and the gift of this Earth.
    Rolling Hills Herbs & Annuals

    • Carrie-Anne thank you for your continuous work and education! You have so much knowledge and grace to share what moves you that it’s contagious! Thank You!

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