Garden to Fork – Tempeh BBQ Burger

Whether you’re a vegetarian, practicing meatless Monday, or simply wanting to try something new – this recipe is AMAZING. Meat what, who?  This burger explodes with flavors – sweet caramelized yellow and red bell peppers, garden grown heirloom tomatoes, (I have an assortment of tomatoes, some from my garden and some from Trader Joe’s) garden grown lettuce, perfectly melted Muenster cheese, and of course BBQ sauce! This meal is hearty enough even for the most devout meat lovers. And the perfect dish to impress your vegetarian friends.

This lettuce is a 1″ heirloom plug that I bought from the farmers market…amazing how a 1″ plant can produce so much food.

The burger itself is a treat but the fact that it comes with perks makes it all that better… letting a piece of Trader Joe’s tempeh sit in a puddle of BBQ sauce and freshly chopped garlic is much easier and less time consuming than grilling meat burgers. If you have never tried Tempeh I highly recommended its nutty and full of texture.  Tempeh is sold next to the tofu and other soy products at Trader Joes or Clark’s Nutrition Stores.

Tempeh BBQ Burger

Serves 2-4
1/2 pound tempeh, cut into square patties
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup of good BBQ sauce
Slices of your favorite cheese
2 garlic cloves finely chopped
Fresh black pepper
4 organic whole wheat buns
1/2 a yellow bell pepper julienne
1/2 a red bell pepper julienne
1/4 lb of assorted heirloom tomatoes chopped
Organic lettuce leafs ( mine is an heirloom plant that I got from Rolling Hills Herbs and Annuals)

Place tempeh patties into a shallow dish and cover with BBQ sauce and garlic, turning to coat. Let it sit for about 10 minutes

In a hot pan lightly coated with olive oil sauteed the bell peppers.

Coat grill – skillet with cooking spray and heat to medium high. Remove tempeh from dish and place on grill. Grill until dark grill marks appear, turning once, about 10 minutes total. Place bun on grill immediately place cheese on top half of the buns. Toast buns until cheese has melted. Remove from heat. These burgers can be grilled outside as well, I did not since its been about 11o degrees outside :-/.

Assemble your burger with all the toppings. I used vegannaise since I don’t like mayonnaise and added extra BBQ sauce, we recently shot a wedding and the B&G gave Lucille’s BBQ sauce as favors so that’s what I have been using, I love it. Feel free to change up the ingredients!

P.S Leave out the cheese and add some avocado and you’ve got a delicious vegan meal.


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