Saturday Brunch & Turning 25

Brunches are one of my favorite meals. The dishes I usually make are  simple, quick, and easy. This is perfect because it leaves me plenty of time to relax and enjoy my Saturday! Saturday is my favorite day of the week and with wedding season in full throttle they are seldom. There’s just something beautiful about starting the day off with good, home-cooked food that came straight from the source, the Farmers’ Market. This dish of garlic sauteed brussel sprouts hit the spot.

It was my birthday last weekend, and even though I tend to say this every year, I think it was the best one ever. My very wonderful husband and sweet little sisters when out of their way to throw me a little surprise party with my favorite pizza, party banners, my favorite snacks including (but not limited to) salt and vinegar chips, and delicious cake. And then a couple of days later, we took a road trip to Palm Springs and stayed at a beautiful resort for much needed relaxation and pool side sun bathing. We went out and enjoyed wonderful meals at Kings Highway, one of our favorite spots! Our stay was wonderful and I could not have asked for a better start to my 25 years of life. I am blessed beyond my understanding.


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