Favorite Things

I have an addiction… I look forward to Saturday mornings, because the farmers’ market these days, get better and better. Every Saturday is a high to my husband and I, this is attributed to the sudden appearance of new produce, new blends from our favorite coffee shop,  & creations from local artisans.

It’s our Saturday morning ritual. Morning run, breakfast, coffee, farmers’ market, and yard sales! All of this before 11 am. Last Saturday my morning went from great to amazing at the appearance of berries! All berries…strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries.  Yes, fellow foodies, summer berries are finally here. I love berries if you have ever compared typical grocery store – out of season – overly sized berries to those the farmers offer up starting May you know that they might as well be different fruits. They taste completely different… The sun kissed, in season, organically grown berries are definitely visited every night by the sugar fairy. Yes! the sugar fairy! These berries taste amazing! Bliss, just like nature intended them to be. I wait all year for this moment, and as soon as the are available I  buy multiple baskets of the tiny, juicy berries to bring home with me and eat in every way possible. I eat them alone, in smoothies, make home-made paletas (recipe coming soon) and blackberry pie (recipe coming soon as well).

The finds at the farmers market can be endless…I am loving the asparagus, brussel-sprouts, and sugar peas 🙂


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