This post is a very last-minute, unplanned, UN-thought, collection of my feelings and motives. My husband and I recently left sunny Newport Beach ( a dream location to many) and moved to the Inland Empire…gasp… I know! Many have asked the “what were you thinking” question… we left our home and jobs and moved to the Inland Empire to set roots and start a business. Many don’t understand and I understand that. It’s ok.

The ties and pull of family are stronger than any dream location or career  for me. As adults we are expected to move away from the nest and start our own lives. I’m not the type to do what’s expected so instead I moved back home and bought a home 5 minutes away from my parents home. It’s perfect for us.

I understood very fast that visiting our families a few times a years for the holidays was not enough for me… for us.  One day my loved ones will leave to meet with Jesus…I will leave to meet with Jesus. I believe that my last thoughts when that day comes wont include the dream zip code or the career. I believe that my thoughts in those last moments will be filled with what seemed and did not seem important.

I never want to be in a situation where I miss my family…all the details and beauty in my life even the things that appear to not be important are made up by them. I know that the day will come when Jesus will start calling on all of us, and on that day I don’t want to think of all that I missed out on…them…us!

I know that I have been blessed with a family that I love and loves me back. Sadly this is not something many can say. I love the family that God chose for me. They love, support, and pick on me all the time… I would not have any other way. There in nothing in this world that can make up for my them. I love them all more than words can ever explain…that’s the way God has made it. I create community around my family…God sent me into this world without anything and when I pass I will leave with nothing…all that will be left will be the memories that I made with all of them.

P.S Many of you wont understand and that perfectly fine… 🙂


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