Food for Thought

God's grace and beauty never cease to amaze me...Beautiful Palm Springs

So today I have a different kind of food for you… it can’t be found in the fridge and it’s not edible. But the nourishing and health effects might be the same if not better.

A few days ago I was texting with a friend who is going to be moving soon. That lead me to think of how full her plate must be, she probably has a lot to do and the move is  just one more big thing on the to-do pile. I remember the craziness that went on in my scattered head when I was moving from one county to another. It was not until I started selecting my thoughts every morning that moving, changing careers, and starting new businesses stopped being overwhelming… and all of it simply became part of my day. They no longer owned my day.

My mother has always been one of the most influential leaders in my life… I say leader because along with my dad she has successfully lead her 8 kids, her role in the home, her role as a business owner, and a woman. She has always taught that there is nothing that I cannot overcome with the grace of God and that everyday I choose my thoughts and the outcome of them. When I was younger I did not understand such idea…but as I started getting older her words of wisdom became a rule of thumb for my life, they still are. Pretty much we don’t have to just think whatever stinking’ thinking’ falls into our heads. We have the power to choose excellent thoughts, positive thoughts. We have the power to turn our attention wherever we like.

This year I have been working diligently to practice that in my life. See I am (a work in progress) the type of person who will worry for what might happen next week. I’m an overachiever, perfectionist, scattered thought, control freak who freaks out at the mere sight of failure. I am learning that failure is alright and that no amount of thinking and obsessing over it can change what has not taken place.  But to be honest, I know that I have to make a very consistent effort to really get the benefits of this rule of thumb. Pretty much everyday, multiple times a day. More than anything, I have found that if I take time to “select my thoughts,” my day can go from average to awesome, or from stressful to manageable.

I constantly remind myself of the beauty of my life, it is not enough for me to know. I want to embrace it and respect it.

  • I have a loving & supportive husband
  • I have a great family that loves me and pushes me to be better
  • I have favor in business.
  • I have everything that I need.
  • I am enough.
  • I am blessed and I want to be a blessing to others.
  • I will have the grace for anything that comes my way.
  • I know a God that never leaves me and loves me.
  • I serve this God.

Although this might seem silly to many and not necessary it works for me. When I do take the time to do it, I have a much better attitude and approach to opportunities and challenges. I am quite simply more joyful, thankful, and kind. 


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