Palm Springs – The ACE

Few day in Palm Springs…

Last week my husband and I spend a few days in Palm Springs…celebrating our 9th year anniversary (9 yrs of being together). Our getaway was perfect we stayed at the Ace Hotel and could not have hoped for a better place. This place is amazing for the creative constantly wanting to be challenged art, color obsessed,  junkies in us.

When we arrived in the afternoon we were so amazed and taken away with that big, big sky, all those palm trees, the calm and yes, that light, that wonderful light that is in California. I had forgotten.. how beautiful home is!

Our days there were filled with jolly conversation and dreams. We ate tacos, sipped wine, drank beer,  and talked about what projects were ahead of us and where we wanted to take our brand. So many things coming up for us. 🙂 Life is good!

We did a lot of exploring and checked out the local coffee shops, thrift store, open houses (amazing home design/decor ideas). We spent our afternoons laying out, taking in the sun, and reading The Hunger Games ( I read, he swam).

Here are some photos beautiful Palm Sprigs.


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