Sugarbird Desserts

As many of you know my husband and I run a photography business! He is the artist, image making mastermind, computer software genius, and I the business, blog writing, shoot styling, geek. Somehow we make it work. When we embarked on this journey and decided to leave our “college jobs” we did not imagine all of the great, ubber talented, amazing, people that we would meet! I have to say that’s my favorite part of what we do. All the people. Their stories. Their craft and all the passion and dreams behind it. Meet Heather’s work. We met Heather and her addicting Cinnamon rolls at our local farmers market and were completely excited when she asked us to shoot some of her desserts. Trust me when  say these are Deeeee-licious! Feast your eyes on these puppies! I love working with other creative. Love the wave of young and aspiring entrepreneurs that are making a name for themselves in the Inland Empire. We are suckers for dreamers who become doers and are constantly inspired and humbled by their hard work and dedication. Heather, we wish you a lifetime of success!



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