Food 4 Thought

Nothing is More Powerful than an Idea!

What will my children, grand-children, and great- grand kids say about me? What will they say about my family and friends? What will they say about my generation?

I hope they say that we had a heart for justice! That it was not enough for us to know. That we took action! That our ability to easily connect allowed us to connect on a deeper level. That our hearts loved enough to want to change things.

I have always been a dreamer who turns doer! The dreamer in me believes that one day Uganda and it’s people will be free and powerful enough to solve the conflicts that affect them. See it’s not enough to want to help. We need to create structured that help empower, educate, and liberate those affected by the LRA. Kony is bad! But he is not all the bad in Uganda. Ridding of him will certainly work, but it will not resolve the problem. To say that killing Kony = a problem being over is an oversimplification of what is happening in Africa. I believe that companies like 31 Bits, Krochet Kids , and Invisible Children can help bring attention, freedom, and hope to the people of Uganda! Support them! Spread the word and help bring freedom! I believe that if we all take action A21 will contribute to abolish of injustice and sexual slavery in our century! Children and women all over the world are voiceless, the doer in me says that we need to become their voice. Get EDUCATED so often we feel warm fuzzy feelings and follow, instead become aware and know what’s happening to our brothers and sisters! Help them find real and competent solutions. I love all of the Incredible Children videos, they are amazing but I wonder if the money used for all those videos would better serve Ugandans by helping them build structures.

Help our friends at Invisible Children put an end to LRA Violence! #KONY2012

Sign the Pledge and watch this movie.


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