Not Interested in Perfection

This morning I was sitting in my office looking out the door. It was a beautiful day! Blue Skies. Sun shinning. And this little word popped in my head, Gratitude! What is gratitude? I am grateful for the life that I have. I recently made the connection that gratitude and practicing gratitude are two entirely different things. I feel very grateful for the blessings in my life, they are more than I could ever imagine and more than I deserve.  It’s one thing to know that I am grateful. Do I show it enough? I concluded that it’s one thing to claim what those things are and another to bring them to my awareness on a daily basis. I will no longer fixate on the things that I can’t control. I will try to limit my pity parties. I am not saying that it wont happen, it will. There will be days when the word gratitude will seem foreign. Rambling at its core will happen. After all rambling is therapeutic and loveliest! But at the end of it all I will get over it and chose to live in gratitude, be happy, and  blessed. Grace not perfection my friends!


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