I have never been much for New Year’s resolutions. Choosing the first day of the year to vow that I will commit to something seems a bit drastic (maybe I am afraid of commitment, but I’m married. ) Instead I will make intentions. This is better for me “A Life With Intention” sounds much more appealing than “A Life with Resolutions.” There are few aspects of my life that I will work/improve on this year (sort of a project 365). I will try to be more committed to my goals-


– use my running sneakers more often

– lose myself in my bible – I can get lost in the blog world hours at a time. Why not the bible. Live out the characters

– go to more concerts/outings

– Go on more dates with the husband- Keep the romance & quirkiness

– get a cooking job- yes an actual line job @ $9 an hr if I am lucky. I just have to do it & finally stop thinking what if.

– live out my passions

– get licensed

– propel our businesses – Center our businesses around God and let them grow to glorify him and help his people.

– trust in the Lord more often- Easier said than done for a perfectionist who constantly wants more and better.

– dress better

– eat better: locally grown, organic, raw, delicious

– live to create & create to live- cook, blog, style, decorate creatively.

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