One year ago this happened…

And I am back to blogging! I decided that I would start this blog with a post that is very dear to my heart.  I wrote this to husband today as our anniversary card (saved me 4 bucks) and he was extremely impressed with my writing skills. Win- Win Situation!

Dear Husband,

365 days ago this happened. 365 days later, I’m still here. Thousands of heartbeats, millions of seconds’ passed, endless sunsets,  and many misplaced items yet I’m still here. Through fits of laughter and moments of tears, meltdowns, and missed expectations; I’m still here. 12 months, 48 weeks, 365 days later, I still chose to be here.

One year ago today I stood on antique wooden floors in a retired union station in front of our family and friends. I made an oath to God and a promise to you to be your wife and do life with you until my last, dying day. Quite dramatic I know…  Specially coming from someone like me but…we both learned this year that I’m much more dramatic and entertaining than we expected. It has been confirmed, “ I am spicy and you’re sweet”

I’m still here. Through fall, winter, spring and summer, I’ve remained faithful to the promise that I made to you in front of God and our family and friends. To never leave you. To embrace every adventure that we embark on. And to take cover with you on those rainy days or as we have learned to do; dance in the rain. To honor you in my brokenness. To never leave you when I want to run. I’m still here. And I’m not leaving.

We’ve endured hardship and pain and loss and failure. We’ve survived moving (twice) fights and dinner parties and trying to figure out where the Library was.  We’ve made friends and dreams and a home. Started businesses and left the comfort of corporate in one of the scariest economic times…we made crazy ideas into realities…and nodded when called crazy. We know we are! We’ve succeeded in communication and work and life and love for a whole year. We’ve learned many of our weaknesses and strengths. Through it all, we’re still here… 365 days later. I’m sill here, and I still love you!


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